8 ways a smart home helps keeps kids safe

8 ways a smart home helps keeps kids safe

Every parent wants to protect their family and keep everyone safe. With the convenience of smart homes came the question on whether the systems make the home safer for kids or not. Here is a look at 8 ways a smart home helps keeps kids safe.

1. Smart locks allow easy access into the home

Smart locks are automatically controlled and ensure that kids are safe at home. All the kids will need are personalized codes and they will easily get into the house. The locks will then automatically lock themselves keeping the kids safe even if they forget to lock them manually.

2. Video intercom so they will know who they open the door to

With these in place kids will see who is at the door before they can open so they do not unlock the door unknowingly when strangers show up.

3. Smart lighting eases moving in the dark

This is best for kids who are scared of the dark. Parents can install smart light with motion sensors so the light is lit when there is a motion. This way the kids can go to the washroom peacefully at night without feeling scared or having to disturb your sleep.

4. You will no longer need a baby sitter

With the cases of child abuse by care givers on the rise many parents are looking for better alternatives. One is the installation of security cameras. With these you can be able to keep an eye on the kids and monitor what they are doing. Whether they are with a baby sitter or not you can rest easy knowing that they are within your sight.

5. No more excess TV time

Kids nowadays love TV too much and while it is helpful, too much of anything is poison. With Television timers parents can be able to monitor TV at home and switch the TV off even if they are at a remote location. This way the kids can do their homework, play and so other constructive activities.

6. Remote appliance control prevents accidents

Children can be very sneaky and they can turn on any appliance without your knowledge. Invest in smart appliances that can be controlled remotely. You can turn it off from wherever you are in case a kid turns it on and forgets.

7. Automatic garage door lock leaves no access for burglars

Burglars look for the easiest way to get into the house. Leaving the garage door open due to forgetting gives them a very easy access. The problem is that forgetting can be very easy with the fast paced world we live in today. Whether you are zooming off to work or are back home with more grocery than you can carry it is very easy to forget. With an automatic garage door this will not be an issue. The door will be closed as soon as you drive in or out.

8. Mount TV to avoid Toppling

Kids tend to trip over cords near the TV and when they are not secured properly, TVs can topple over and hurt them. To avoid this, parents can secure the TV and cords directly on the wall. This will even help declutter the home.

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