Can older homes be smart homes?

Can older homes be smart homes?

Living in an old home has its fair share of challenges. Among these is making it a smart home. In smart homes everything is interconnected and controlling the home is very easy. Only in such a home can you be able to control the heating, ensure that the lights go on at the right time and can communicate with smart devices in the home via your smart phone. Smart homes are safer, more comfortable and provide better living among a myriad of other likable features. The actual problem lies in the question, can older homes be smart homes?

Actually, old homes can be smart homes with the right solutions used. It will be harder than making a new home smart but it can be done. Here are some tips a homeowner must bear in mind when making an older home into a smart home.

Smart heating is easy to do

With smart heating you will be able to set the perfect temperatures at your home. All you have to do is invest in a smart thermostat. With this you will be able to control the temperatures of your home from a remote location. For instance you can lower the temperatures when no one is home and raise them just a while before getting home so the temperatures are okay when you get there. This is a good idea because there is no construction required. You will not have to do much work. You just have to replace the current thermostat you have.

You can enhance security without having to reconstruct the entire house

One of the most likeable attributes of a smart home is the security they offer to any home. When redoing an old home you can make it secure without having to reconstruct the entire house. The first place to start is by having automatic locks on all doors including garage doors, installing a video intercom so you can see who is at the door before you can open it. You can also install security cameras that can sense motion and send a warning in case of an intrusion. A security alarm is also a good idea and installing it is quite easy.

Wireless is the way to go

Making a smart home is tasking and usually there are two options; get equipment that connects via wireless connectivity or wires. Wireless is the best way as it leaves enough space for all the appliances. Devices that can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth are the best options. Since you cannot be able to place the wires inside the wall as you would when constructing a home from scratch, it is best to totally avoid the wires. The home will look better. What if there is no WiFi coverage in the area or the connectivity will not be good enough due to thick walls? There is the option of using wires but this is not the best. It is better to use mesh connected radio where there are sensors connected all over the home with each sensor in sight of each other.

Choose a single brand of all appliances

For easy control, all appliances in a smart home need to be easily interconnected. Buying from one brand is very important as it ensures that all the smart devices can be interconnected. Different brands may have interconnectivity issues making it difficult to control them. Appliances from the same brand are not only easy to connect and control but are also easier to maintain and hence safer.

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