Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation Ideas

Technological advancement has made it possible to automate appliances, heating, lighting and ventilation among others. Having a beautiful home isn't just about having vintage house goods anymore; you can improve it to a smart home where you get to control some of your items via remotely. Since most homes have Wi-Fi connections nowadays, controlling your automated home should be very easy. Here are some home automation ideas to help you out.

  • Know what part of your house you want to automate and why. Start with one area of the house and increase gradually. Automating the whole house at once can be overwhelming.
  • Other than the cost of the whole installation process, the amount of energy each item require also matters a lot. It's better to go for the system that doesn't use much energy, as it will be more beneficial in cutting down your costs in general.
  • Look at various brands and types before settling on one. Different types of automation have different features you should look for like how easy they are to control and how well they follow your commands. A good system shouldn't limit you just one controlling device. You should be able to use a variety from phones to tablets and computers.
  • Pick a system that doesn't limit you to the factory settings only but will allow you to input your own settings depending on your needs. it's also better to go for a system that integrates different functionalities like lighting and security if not all of them.
  • Take advantage of the natural features. For example, you don't have to stop opening your windows just because you have a cooling system. Open curtains to let in natural light during the day to help save your energy.

Below are some ideas about the common areas that people choose to automate.


It's better to set up thermostats in different rooms rather than the whole house. This will be more economical as you can turn off the system in one room while you're in another. Whether it's water heating or air control, you should be able to control the temperature wherever you are even when you're at work. This will allow you to save energy and money in the end.


For you to be able to control your lights from your phone or computer, you can choose to upgrade the manual bulbs you have with new smart ones or change the entire lighting system. The smart bulbs come with easy installation steps but installing a new system will require the help of a professional.


Whether it's cameras or alarms, your home security system should be very sensitive to detect intrusion and alert you immediately. It should only accept your command and detect any interference attempts by third parties. You should be the only one to schedule any updates in the system if you want it to happen automatically.


This system should be able to accommodate more than one device like fridges and radios at the same time. Take into consideration the possibility that you'll have additional devices like TV's in future if not yet, and choose a system you go for should make it easy for you to add more gadgets without any problems.


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