Keep your home secure with home automation

Keep your home secure with home automation

Have you heard of home automation?

It's a great way to save time and money. Home automation, sometimes known as "smart homes," allows you to remotely control important home functions from a centralized control center. Newer systems even include voice and remote control features.

This developing technology adds a level of convenience and security to your home. It also helps you to reduce energy costs.

More and more people are buying home automation technology. The home automation space is already a billion dollar industry, and it continues to grow rapidly.

So should you start adopting home automation technology into your home?

To help you answer this question, here are some of the benefits of home automation.

Benefit #1: It Makes Your Home More Convenient

A smart home connects lots of home functions and appliances in one place. With home automation, you can centrally control:

* Lighting
* Security
* Heating and Cooling
* Appliances
* Entertainment Systems

Home automation also helps with wiring because everything neatly leads to a central area.

Benefit #2: You Save on Energy Bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home spends about $1,300 a year on energy costs. This is expected to rise.

With home automation, you can closely monitor your heating and cooling as well as appliance use. Some home automation systems even allow you to control your home via cell phone. This can help you to remotely adjust heating and cooling temperatures when you're not home.

Some smart homes even have light sensors to control lighting. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off a light again.

These systems also operate energy draining appliances at optimal times to ensure you save money on your electricity bill.

Benefit #3: It Enhances Home Security

With home automation, you can remotely check and control your security system.

Some smart homes allow you to view home video feeds from your smartphone or computer. These systems can also instantly alert you if a motion sensor is triggered. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your security system is fully functioning.

Also when you're on vacation, your home will still appear like you're there.

Best of all, you can even use your phone to activate and disarm your security system. If a motion sensor is triggered, you can be sure that your security company will immediately know about it.

Benefit #4: It's the Future

In a smart home you're able to control home entertainment from a central location. Many times you can use a universal remote to pump music or even video into the rooms of your choice. It's just like you see in those movies about the future!

It makes it great for entertaining guests as well as just your family.

Benefit #5: It Improves Home Value

Home automation enhances the value of your home. More and more homebuyers are looking for houses with this technology.

By installing a home automation system, you'll separate your home from other houses in the area. Your home will be more energy efficient and safer than other homes in your neighborhood.

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